The Independence Fund recognizes the obstacles caregivers face every day and is working to eliminate those obstacles. You can empower caregivers like Lara by supporting our caregiver and veteran programs.

Lara and Tom Garey celebrating their love for one another.

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The Independence Fund is a nonprofit organization that empowers our nation's severely wounded veterans and the caregivers who support them to take control of their lives. Through its dedicated mobility and treatment programs, the Fund assists veterans in transforming their lives toward a better future.

Testimonial from Caregiver Lara Garey

"The biggest help I have received so far is actually through the Caregiver Retreat hosted by the Independence Fund. This was the first time I had even spoken in person with another military caregiver regarding being a caregiver. It was an amazing experience and provided me with resources and people that I know I can count on when the going gets tough.”